Prove "Safe & Secure"
not by words but by visible.

Oseto Suisan believes it is meaningful to prove "Safe and secure" in a tangible form rather than in words.
With the aim of delivering "Safe and secure" products to consumers, we have acquired the first certification under the JAS Standard for the Publication of Aquaculture and Production Information and other certifications established in Japan and around the world. Today, SDGs are being advocated around the world. By obtaining the certification, Oseto Suisan meets one of the SDGs "protect the richness of the sea" and realizes aquaculture that considers the natural environment and ecosystem. We will continue our efforts to deliver better products, believing that Sakana-First will bring joy and happiness to our customers.

Live with the sea, not to catch it.

The resources of the sea are not only ours or Wakayama. We would like to continue to nurture the sea and advance together with the sea in order to make everyone happy, not only the people who receive the sea.

Our Feature

Deliver Safe & Secure.

Our philosophy is "Raising fish that children can eat at home with peace of mind and delivering it to their homes". We strive every day to let as many children as possible taste the deliciousness and excellence of fish.

Challenges for the Future.

Raising fish is not our only job. Our job and mission is to deliver the fish to your home. We will always order that and deliver it to you without any compromise.

Stable quality

In the environment of Kishu Oshima, which is blessed with raising fish that are registered under the Ramsar Convention, in order to produce even healthier fish, we have been keeping them in a gentle position so that we do not give them any medication or stress.

Company Overview

Representative director Taku Oseto
Director So Oseto, Kai Oseto
Business items Aquaculture of Sea Bream, Longtooth Grouper, Striped jack, etc.
Address 1596-2, Oshima, Kushimoto, Higashimuro, Wakayama 649-3633, Japan
Contact Info 0735-65-0189